Slugger online debate: What’s eating Ardoyne (take two)…

This is partly a reminder of tomorrow’s lunch time discussion, and partly an attempt to reset the thread that from the first comment actually went on to discuss a video taken outside St Patrick’s church in Donegall Street where (depending on who’s version of the truth you choose) a marching band chose play an old American classic, or The Famine Song.

Either way, the video demonstrates just how intense the feelings are around this time of year (the ‘who’ of the video making may have been just as important as the ‘what’ he was doing). And that’s no matter how much good work gets done in between:

Anyway, back to tomorrow’s hang out discussion. The public version should start at 1pm (barring unforeseen technical hitches), though I’m likely to be online for direct participants inside G+ from about 12.30 onwards.

I’d like to keep it to 45 minutes – hour, one so that those who want to can stay the whole way through; and two on the basis that although I want to keep things informal the tighter the timeframe the more watchable it will be afterwards on YouTube…

Whilst, as noted above, the controversy over the weekend has moved to the band playing outside St Patricks Church. We can have some time for this, but I do want to keep our collective eye on Ardoyne.

The lack of resolution to the Holy Cross issue is more relevant to that community and its feelings about the Loyal Orders than bands playing ‘party songs’ when the march halts outside a Catholic Church.

I think we do have to make some decisions on this ‘pre production’ in order not to get looped into distracting whataboutery issues. And I’d like to have some broad understanding (if not ‘agreement’) on what’s in and what’s out before we set off.

There’s enough of these kinds of distractions in the ‘spun world’. And I’d like this session to try to unspin the issues as much as is possible.

If you are still unsure what a Google plus hangout is check out the Slugger Consults blog. Otherwise, register at Google Plus and make sure you ‘circle’ me at

For those in my G+ circles (making it purely public creates all manner of management issues), I’ll be in a small informal hangout this evening between 9 and 10 to take questions and start to informally begin to curate an agenda for tomorrow which will be posted on the event page here…

If you just want to watch, I plan to have a parallel thread on Slugger with a coded embed to the ‘live’ ‘on air’ stream from YouTube…

And if you are still completely confused, drop me an email to: [email protected]

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