Liz does in for Ieuan Wyn ?

Cynog thinks it’s time for Ieuan Wyn Jones to step down as Plaid Cymru leader (from Wales Online):

Former Plaid MP and AM Cynog Dafis said he could see a “compelling” case for Mr Jones to go so that the party can secure a power-sharing deal with Labour.
And there are others within the nationalist community who want Mr Jones to relinquish his position as leader so the party can move on.
The Plaid leader came under fire this week for choosing to remain on holiday in France rather than attend the Queen’s opening of the National Assembly on Tuesday.
Mr Dafis said the prospect of five years of a Labour Welsh Government was “depressing” but a new leader could take Plaid back into power with its former partner.
He said: “The argument for Ieuan leaving soon is to enable a new leadership to lead Plaid Cymru into coalition with Labour. That seems to me a compelling argument.”
He continued: “I think a Plaid presence in a coalition government on the right terms would offer a far more progressive and productive and radical few years of government in Wales. My assessment of this is leading me to the conclusion it shouldn’t be too long a delay before a leadership contest takes place.

(That was written by David Williamson, an Ulsterman, you can tell by his use of “nationalist community” – the first time I’ve read that phrase in a Welsh context).
Betsan thinks he’s vulnerable.

Forty eight hours on from the moment it became clear that the Plaid Cymru leader Ieuan Wyn Jones had chosen a holiday in France over attending the Royal Opening and the dust is far from settling.
People in the Bay and beyond are genuinely baffled at why Mr Jones has decided to do something so obviously political damaging and so public. Not one of those who stopped yesterday to talk to my colleagues in Llangefni offered a word of support, or just didn’t mind very much. They were all quite clear that he’d got it wrong.

I was never a fan of Ieuan’s decision to resign “sometime in the next two years” – Durkan tried that and quickly realised that a lame duck leader isn’t good with elections to fight. It is, however, the irony of all ironies that missing a Queen’s visit should bring down a Nationalist leader. What.A.Strange.World.

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