SF to [selectively] boycott Assembly?

Secretary of State for Wales and Northern Ireland, Peter Hain, sounds positively chipper about appointing DUP MLA Jim Wells and SF MLA Francie Molloy as deputy presiding officers for the expected six week run of the Assembly, and the BBC report follows suit, but Francie Molloy’s statement on his appointment, as well as appropriating a line or two from Gerry Adams’ address yesterday, sounds suspiciously like an announcement of a selective boycott of Assembly debates.. mirroring the UUP’s selective boycott of the Policing Board.. not the most auspicious of beginnings.From Francie Molloy’s statement

“However what is much more important is moving swiftly to the position where the Assembly can meet along with the Executive and All-Ireland Ministerial Council as the fully functioning power sharing institutions demanded by the Good Friday Agreement. What Peter Hain is proposing on Monday falls short of that.

“I will not be taking part or chairing debates on issues over which the Assembly has no power. I am not interested in a talking shop.”