TV tonight: Trimble documentary

It might be a repeat, but there’s a documentary on BBC Two tonight that some of you might be interested in..David Trimble: Out in the Cold is on at 2320. The synopsis is..

David Trimble risked his political life in a bold leap for peace in Northern Ireland. As leader of the Ulster Unionist party, he signed up to the Good Friday agreement, which for the first time committed Unionists to sharing power with Republicans and Nationalists. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize and became First Minister of Northern Ireland.

But over the years that followed, Trimble fought a losing battle to push the peace process forward. Increasingly overshadowed by Ian Paisley, and disappointed by the IRA over decommissioning, in June 2005 Trimble was finally ousted from his party’s leadership and from Westminster, and is now in political obscurity.

So what went wrong for David Trimble? Interviews with Tony Blair, Bertie Ahern, Chris Patten, Martin McGuinness, Daphne Trimble and others, reveal a difficult man who many believed could be his own worst enemy – and who was let down by friend and foe alike.