Political train wreck or genuine Ulster fudge?

Mark Devenport succinctly pulls together the apparently irreconcilable ends of our Gordian Knot. Peter Robinson: “It does not matter what timetable is in existence because, when it comes to an end, the question for us will be exactly the same – have our criteria been met? “If they have not, we will not go into government, no matter what the timetable might dictate.” Gerry Adams: “…there is no point in the governments withdrawing proposals [shadow Assembly] a month ago and then repackaging the same proposals and trying to represent them as something else.” Devenport notes wryly, ‘it could be a political train wreck’. Or it could be a nice little fudge, with much fuss at the beginning, and a lot more at the end of an initial trial period. Anyone for council elections in 2008?