Major police, customs and army operation in Louth and Armagh

Few details on this story so far, but both RTÉ and the Press Association report a major police operation on both sides of the border thought to be connected to the investigation noted in October last year. Both reports say that the home of Thomas ‘Slab’ Murphy was one of the first to be searched in what is described as a “well-planned operation [which] began at first light and involved hundreds of police, army and customs personnel from both sides of the border.” – even less detail, so far, in the BBC report. More from RTÉ Morning Ireland audio report[RealPlayer file] “well-planned.. co-ordinated approach” Update again The earlier PA report seems to have been pulled by UTV – for this report.. but IOL have an update though, casting doubt on the ARA investigation connection, and RTÉ report 3 arrests.