Blogging the riots…

The eye witness accounts have been stunning from Back Seat Drivers and Dossing Times, along with DT’s great capture of the scene ripped from the City Council’s traffic cameras. Take a bow lads!

Strong shot from Flickr of a Guard apparently about to be hit with a brick – with, bizarrely, a Villa fan in foregrond). More from Celtic Freedom; Chris Logan thinks RSF are a disgrace. Dublin Met Blogs has loads of stuff.

Kevin was on the ground too. Thesme feels sick. Chris is annoyed.

Beano says, so much for a new Ireland. The big man is disgusted. Richard calls it a wake up call for the State.

El Blogador with a round up of reaction. Citizen photos here, here, here, here, here, here and here.

Update: BBC video of the riot. And some very good stuff on Indymedia.