“Are foreign workers really taking jobs from Irish people?”

There’s little doubt that anxieties emerged over the Irish labour market around the issue of the Irish Ferries dispute. George blogged on the subject of immigration here. Next week Leviathan sees David McWilliams pull together an excellent panel of discussants at CrawDaddy, in Dublin next Thursday, February 2nd. If you’re in town, you’d be mad to miss it.David McWilliamsThe panel consists of both old and new Irish, including TCD academic and director of the Open Republic Institute, Constantin Gurdgiev; Sinn Féin councillor, Killian Forde; Polish-born TV presenter and marketing manager, Izabela Chudzicka and Larissa Nolan of the Sunday Independent. There’s also musical satire from Clint Velour and soaring blues from singer-songwriter Shaz Oye.

Thursday 2nd February 9pm (Doors 8.30pm).