I’ve tried to resist mentioning this, believe me I have.. but I can do so no longer.. The MP for Bethnal Green and Bow, George Galloway, who our US audience, and others, may remember from his appearance in front of the Senate Committee investigating corruption in the UN Oil-for-food operation.. is in Celebrity Big Brother.. *shakes head*.. his fans *ahem* at Harry’s Place have a round-up of coverage of his most recent exploit.. and the Daily Ablution’s Scott Burgess has the video [in a political commentary/parody way].Even before that had happened, last year’s contestant Germaine Greer had some mild criticisms.

[Update link fixed] Update2 Channel 4 news has a report that includes some footage of Pussycat George [warning sound is on] including the immortal line from Rula Lenska “You’ve got cream all over your whiskers”.. and from one of George’s constituents – “He’s a bit of an idiot really”

Another update Link lifted from Harry’s Place. The original video clip, with original sound, is available here [Probably NSFW]