Suspension fails to silence MLA

On BBC Radio Ulster’s Talkback today, Sinn Féin MLA Francie Molloy said he “feels sore” about “being silenced in this way” – referring to his suspension yesterday from Sinn Féin, a move that the party’s general secretary, Mitchell McLaughlin, has taken responsibility for – and said there was a need to work out “how do [SF] members have a voice to represent their electorate”, quoting Gerry Adams saying that “[the party] doesn’t need sheep”. He also stated that, on local democracy, the “15 model [was the] best way to achieve that.” and repeated his statement of yesterday that the 7 super councils were “a sectarian headcount” and “endorsing gerrymandering”. He said hoped to resolve the dispute with the party as soon as possible but didn’t envisage having to resign from the party.