We would if we could, minister.

The Belfast Telegraph’s Health correspondent Nigel Gould interviews NIO Minister Shaun Woodward [didn’t he used to work with Esther Rantzen? – Ed]. He touches on a couple of topics – waiting lists, the failure to ensure patient safety at Sperrin Lakeland Trust, the imperative of an all-Ireland approach to health, Health Trusts running over budget – “That era is over. People don’t expect us to squander their taxes.” *ahem* About that stadium.. – and, in contrast to Peter Hain’s view on the economy, his view on the smoking ban – “Today in 2005 Northern Ireland we can say we are the progressive bit of the UK. We are the bit that leads, that wants to lead.” But the stand-out quote is, undoubtedly, “If I fail, sack me. Ministers should be accountable.”.. We would if we could, minister..