Love Ulster spreading hate..?

AS Mark McGregor noted here earlier, there’s someone posting on the Love Ulster site who seemed to know about tonight’s rioting well in advance. Presumably the authorities will be interested, as they have already shown in another current case where documents relating to terrorism were downloaded.Questions have already been been raised about the part paramilitaries have played in the LU campaign, and the fact that the DUP and UUP leaders had been expected to speak to a rally at the main hotspot (pulling out after riots erupted) will raise questions in the nationalist commununty.

How far are unionist politicians and the Orange Order prepared to go to stop this low-level terrorism? – and remember, the unionist and loyalist standard for republicans is “action, not words“.

Instead of predicting violence and creating the context for it to happen, can unionist leaders do anything? The Pontius Pilate spokeswoman in the Orange Order didn’t seem to think so. Clearly, Paisley and Empey’s attempt to broker a solution was a failure.

So obviously, the next step is to blame the police, the Parades Commission, nationalists, republicans… anyone, so long as there is no need to accept responsibility.